April 2023

A word of gratitude...  

I'm so grateful for all the wonderful musicians (who over the years) have shared their talents and have supported me and my music either in the studio, on stage or both.  I'm lucky enough to call many my friend...and unfortunately some are gone now. Though I can't nearly mention them all, here's a short list; 

Steve Forbet, Marc Muller, Nicole Atkins, Ben Wisch, Chris Tarrow, Ron Baumann, Eric Braverman, Mark Liwin

Kevin Barry, Lucy Kaplansky, Plink Giglio, Jay Bellerose, Shawn Pelton, David Hamburger, David Henry, Rick Gedney, Cadence Carroll, John Christie, Abbie Gardner, Scott E Moore, Rich Tozzoli, Brian Sugent, Rebecca Rydell, Christina Abbott, Tina Vero, Mark Bull, Cam Bull, Ian Chamberlain, Claude Coleman, Paul Sachs & Robert K Wolf. Thank you all!